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Web Consulting

Our team will provide you with an accumulated hundred years of experience in the Web service and Web product industry. Whatever information your business requires, D6 Studio will know exactly what to do. Online Strategy, Social Media, Content Marketing, email Marketing, SEO, PPC, Lead Generation — the list of online marketing tools is really long. If you're lost in the maze of Digital Marketing, we'll help you to establish a customised Digital Marketing Strategy that is perfectly aligned with your business goals. You have a product but don’t know how to present it on the Web? Contact us! We will help you develop the right IT architecture and select the best performing software and frameworks. Together, we’ll find the right ideas for your website. Our job is to stay up-to- date on what’s happening on the Web. We are keen to share those insights with you. We hold training sessions and talks on contemporary topics from time to time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ranking

We know the techniques of making your website rank high. Trust us to help you reach the top – literally. Our structured approach to SEO projects begins with an assessment of the current environment. In the keyword analysis, we reveal the importance and difficulties of the keywords related to your core business. We analyze your competitors and perform a link analysis. SEO is not a quick task that you perform once and then forget about. After the initial audit, a continuous effort is required to provide results that help you outperform the competition. As Google alone makes more than 500 algorithmic updates every year (not to mention other search engines), it is important to have a dedicated partner that keeps up with changes.

Web Development

We create your entire website from scratch using HTML and other latest technologies. The D6 Studio team is fluent in contemporary technologies such as GraphQL, PHP and JavaScript. Based on open source software like Drupal and React we bring your brands to life online. We use modern methodologies like agile project management, continuous integration and continuous deployment to bring your brand to the online world. We will be at your side through all stages of the development process. We weave complex problems into elegant, simple solutions that work. And we make it look easy. We love Drupal, the open-source CMS. It lets us work quickly and cost-effectively allowing you to use your budget on features and services that matter instead of squandering it on software licenses. By utilizing tools like the distributed revision control, source code management system Git and our issue tracker you can review every step taken and interact in an agile way during every phase of your project.

Hosting and maintenance

We provide our services through time-tested and proven Amazon Web Services (AWS). All the hosting systems are backed by AWS. We’ve got all of your hosting needs handled: we offer competitive prices for sites of every size, support fully automated deployments, local development environments, highly scalable and performing. Your Drupal site was not developed by us but you want to host it with D6 Studio? No problem. After completing an audit by our DevOps bouncers, your site will be migrated to our servers and benefit from the Drupal optimized environment.

web Design

D6 Studio specializes in creative web designs, themes, programs and campaigns to promote organizational impression. We design and wireframe the entire web page according to the user preferences. The website design is done using Photoshop. We create Mockups according to the users’ needs and desires. We use Photoshop and Adobe Comp in designing. The D6 Studio team has developed a number of award winning designs for websites, games and other applications for a variety of local and international clients. We have upped the ante by working with clients from different industries and we ensure that we do the best for you.


As a pioneer in delivering eCommerce solutions in Sri Lanka, D6 Studio offers a wealth of experience, expertise and proprietary technologies that can make your website one of the most profitable revenue centres in your organisation. We offer unique insights into beating your competition online, generating superior visitor traffic and converting a higher percentage of that traffic into sales. These sites are created using Magento, Drupal Commerce and Ubercart.

who we are

solutions for everyone

We are a start-up company founded by three professionals operating from New Zealand, Ireland and Sri Lanka and headquartered in USA. We work with both local and foreign clients. D6 Studio works in partnership with offshore companies to provide technology solutions at competitive rates while maintaining the highest quality standards. We provide a broad range of software platforms and languages skills employing the best resources available worldwide.

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mission statement

solutions for everyone

D6 Studio provides total business solutions to improve efficiency and productivity of your business processes using a combination of existing technology and innovative methods. We use a variety of media to provide optimal solutions to the challenges faced by companies in a dynamic and constantly changing business

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our awards

solutions for everyone

D6 Studio won IMA Outstanding Achievement Award from the Interactive Media Council in the area of 'advocacy'. D6 Studio, Flyleaf Creative, PEN and Medium Rare Interactive jointly won awards for their work on Created by the Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC), a nonprofit organization of leading web designers, developers, programmers, advertisers and other web-related professionals, the competition is designed to elevate the standards of excellence on the Internet and offer winners a boost in marketing and exposure. IMC serves as the primary sponsor and governing body of the Interactive Media Awards™, establishes the judging system and provides the judges for the competition.

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